How to Contribute

TripleO source code is available. You can contribute code to individual projects, documentation, report bugs and vulnerabilities, request features.

Contributing Code

As long as TripleO is a set of integrated OpenStack projects, all development is happening in OpenStack upstream.

Learn how to contribute into OpenStack’s upstream.

See TripleO Components to find out how to contribute into individual projects.

Contributing to this Documentation

TripleO User Documentation lives on Github under TripleO organization.

Learn how to contribute into TripleO Docs.

Reporting Bugs

OpenStack Upstream: If you find bugs or vulnerabilities which affect upstream projects, please follow OpenStack’s process of filing bugs.

|project| If the bug impacts the TripleO project as a whole, you can file a bug in Launchpad:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in needed information (If you filed also upstream bug, please provide its URL in advanced fields)
  3. Submit bug

Requesting Features

OpenStack Upstream: Since we are developing projects in OpenStack community, all the features are being requested upstream via Blueprints.